PTI paragraph-Junior’s most significant problem.


In Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Junior’s most significant (external) conflict is his struggle and discrimination with his race and living the life of an Indigenous boy. This is the stem of the majority of his problems in the reading so far. This conflict begins at a young age, when Junior must receive brain surgery. I infer that having multiple physical problems after his surgery could have been avoided if Junior’s family was wealthier. This leads back to his race because his family may not be in such deep poverty if they were non-indigenous people. Junior’s experiences, health, and learning will constantly be negatively affected because of being indigenous. Even “[his] white dentist believed that Indians only felt half as much pain as white people did, so he only gave [Junior] half the Novocain” (2).  Growing up with these stereotypes placed in front of him, Junior’s actions are deeply impacted day to day with the pressures of being the ‘true’ Indigenous person. Knowing he wants to achieve something great and not succumb to people’s expectations of him, he goes beyond the hopeless Reservation where, unlike Junior, “all [the] kids have given up […] [they] are all defeated” (42). Junior transfers to the all-white Reardan school, and becomes to feel that “being Indian [is his] job, but […] only a part time job. And it didn’t pay well at all” (118). Constantly torn between his aspirations and giving in to the reservation’s expectations of him, this becomes a never-ending cycle; Junior is finding it difficult to escape. In conclusion, Junior’s discrimination of his race is a conflict that continuously gets in the way of his well-being. Thankfully, looking past the societal standards of himself, Junior accomplishes much more, pushing past the race barriers standing in his way.


‘For success in my future, I must get out of Coquitlam and start over somewhere new.’ 

For success in my future, I must get out of Coquitlam and start over somewhere new. 

I disagree with this statement because success means something different to each person. The definition of success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. This means success could be having a family to one person, or success could be making an impact in the world, to another person. In Coquitlam, you can accomplish and succeed in many different ways. Though, if success to you means that you want to become a big actor or a millionaire, you might not be able to achieve this in Coquitlam. For me, I can become successful where I already live without moving somewhere else. I’m not sure what I will have wanted to accomplish when I’m older, but I think I will be happy with a job and family here. Overall, if you have enough determination, I think that you can succeed and reach your goals wherever you live.  

Thank You.

The House of Mirrors

The rickety floor squeaks after each step, the smell of rotting woods lingers around you, as you hurry further into the gloomy, unsettling, never-ending house of mirrors. The smell of bitter blood fills your nose as you run your hand along the smooth, cold, distorted surface. Mirrors line up for days; they’re all around you. You’re in a real-life optical illusion. The powerful thunder roars like a lion outside this maze of confusion. You panic and run as fast as you can; your knees wobble like jelly. But to where? The only thing you see is your reflective self looking straight back at you. Only, it’s not just you. The tall, towering, shadowy figure stands behind you peering into the mirror also. So close, you feel his warm breath on the back of your neck; the hairs on your neck prickle and stand up straight. Its stare as sharp as a dagger, its eyes as black as the darkest night. It looms over you like a building’s shadow on a sunny day. You spin around to face this insidious creature; nothing is there. You whip your head back to the mirror; there it is again. You stand horrified, motionless with fear, as its bony hands wrap around your trembling shoulders. Its hands feel as cold as ice, sending a shiver down your spine. There’s no way out.

Nadia Comaneci 

“I don’t run away from a challenge because I am afraid. Instead, I run toward it because the only way to escape fear is to trample it beneath your feet.”

My eminent person is Nadia Comaneci; a former Romanian Gymnast and a five-time Olympic gold medalist. In 1976, performing her uneven bars routine at the Olympics, she was the first ever gymnast to score a perfect 10.0; at only 14 years old! This forever changed gymnastics history.

Nadia Comaneci, performing her uneven bars routine in 1976.

I chose her as my eminent person because Gymnastics (specifically tumbling) is a very big passion for me. I wanted to choose someone who related to my interests and inspired me in some way. Later, in the same Olympics, Nadia Comaneci scored six more perfect 10.0’s, astonishing all of the people and judges around her. She was hardworking, persevering, and a brave gymnast who didn’t allow her setbacks to get in the way of her passion. She’s the kind of person who I aspire to be. However, Nadia did go through hard times on her way to becoming an outstanding gymnast. In 1977, her parents separated and she was not allowed to train with Bela Karolyi (her coach) anymore. He had inspired her to start gymnastics because he recognized her amazing talent, when Nadia at just six years old, and took her under his wing.

Nadia Comaneci with her coach, Bela Karolyi.

Nadia felt too overwhelmed with the changes, so she attempted to commit Suicide at just 15 years old. Also, after Bela Karolyi had defected Romania, Nadia Comaneci was banned from traveling to any Western country in case she decided to leave too. This devastated her. She felt trapped. Thankfully, in 1987, she and five other gymnasts had planned an escape route, with the help of Constantin Panait, who had also defected Romania some time ago. They managed to cross the Austrian border, before arriving at the U.S. embassy where they had later traveled to New York City. After doing this, plenty more people looked up to her; not just because of her gymnastics, but because of her courage to leave the communist Romania.

Nadia Comaneci Performing in Floor Exercise
Gymnast Nadia Comaneci smiles, July 21, 1976.

She is a role model to all. Her two most important influencers are Bela Karolyi and Constantin Panait. They both helped her in some way, and inspired her to do the right thing, which led to her greatness and success. I chose Nadia Comaneci because she positively shaped and changed so many things in this world and became a hero to all people. She’s a genuinely talented and gifted person who deserves to be recognized.

Thank you.

The incredible story of Nadia Comaneci.

Nadia Comaneci: My hero

Biography of Nadia Comaneci

Chanel Richards


My Independent Novel Study 

(Her dare: Pouring water over her head in the middle of the coffee shop)

Vee impresses me how she has the courage to go up in public and do this dare because so far in the book, she is normally a ‘behind the scenes’ type of person. Also, I think that Vee overthinks things. I think this because Matthew implies that she doesn’t have the guts to do the dare as mentioned here, “I’m not doing any dare.” Vee said. Then he said, “I know you won’t” (14). Later in the book it reads, “The game he knew I wouldn’t attempt” (20). This sentence shows that Vee starts to overthink what Matthew says to her. While in the coffee shop, I think that Vee fears being laughed at and judged; that’s why she is so hesitant. Her wants in this scene were most likely just simply to win the pair of shoes she is going to receive after completing the dare. Vee’s internal conflict is that her best friend, Sydney always gets the attention because she is the outgoing, extroverted friend; Vee is jealous, and she wants the attention to be focused on her instead. A connection I can make to Vee is that she decides to take a risk, then she becomes more comfortable with them later in the story. I like to take risks and try something new and exciting, because I know that taking risks is a big part of having a healthy and successful life. Personally, I don’t think that I would do the dare that Vee does because it negatively affects a lot of people. For example, her dare affects the workers who had to clean up after her, it affects herself because now she is all over social media, and it affects the customers who were most likely splashed by the water.

It doesn’t impress me that Vee does this dare because she does not to realize that the dare is hurting those around her. This scene reveals that she is not very good with handling peer pressure, as Ian tells her that “there’s no downside” when it comes to completing the dare (133). He easily convinced her, though she knew that it was a bad idea. I think Vee wants to win a big shopping spree to all her favourite stores, and she wants Ian to like her. Vee fears that this dare will ruin her and Sydney’s friendship, because she has “never confronted Sydney before” (133). I think that Vee’s internal conflict is that she can’t decide whether or not to choose her friends, or her new lifestyle with Ian and the app, NERVE. So far, she has chosen her new lifestyle, which I personally think is the wrong choice. A connection I can make to her is her struggle with peer pressure. I don’t tend to give in to peer pressure but I understand how hard it is to deal with it sometimes. I don’t think that I would do this dare because the ONLY positive outcome was a shopping spree, which is way less important than friendship.


Dad is Dying paragraph  

In my opinion, Sam shouldn’t have lied in the first place because I feel that the negative outcomes seem to outweigh the positive outcomes. Though, I do not strongly feel this way because there were a lot of good things that came out of the lie that Sam told also. For example, in the beginning of the story the father talks about how he is becoming physically and mentally more tired and old. “All Dave saw in the light of Spring were new wrinkles.” Once people thought Dave was dying, they began to be nicer and to compliment him more. This made him feel happier and a lot better about himself. His situation is similar to Morley’s. “An unexpected flurry of budget problems at work meant that she was unexpectedly busy.” Morley felt that she didn’t have enough time to spend and make dinner for her family. Also, she wanted to get to know her neighbors better instead of occasionally seeing them. “The only time she saw her neighbors was as she flew past them in her car.” The story read. Though, after everyone thought that Dave is dying, all the neighbors and Morley are spending more time together. Also, Morley received a lot of lasagna which meant that she didn’t have to make dinner herself! There were some negative outcomes also; Sam’s classmates will probably be very upset and hurt that Sam had lied to them for a long time. Also, all the neighbors and parents who thought Dave was dying will probably be upset too. Even the small characters who weren’t in the story a lot, like the ice-cream lady, will have had her feelings hurt by Sam manipulating her into giving him free ice-cream. Essentially what I am trying to say is that the positive outcomes are mostly positive on the parents, and the negative outcomes are more to do with people’s feelings. In my opinion, I think that people’s feelings should always come first.


Chanel Richards

Why Alex is the best roommate

            I believe that Alex would be the best roommate because not only is she a very well rounded person, but she is very passionate and outgoing also. Since Alex is very active and mentions her love for basketball, I can infer that she is determined, open minded, and an eager person. I, personally, love a new experience and meeting new people and I think that Alex would love to do this with me. She has a big imagination, creativity and new ideas to share, as she mentioned before how much she enjoys English, reading and art. Also, if we are going to be roommates, I need to have a part of the day to relax and settle down. Since Alex and I love reading we can do that quietly in our tent, especially if the other person would like to sleep at that time. Overall, I think that Alex would be a wonderful, well rounded roommate to be spending your time with.


            By Chanel Richards